Drive innovation with our MyCar hybrid range

  • DATE : 05.29.2015

Asco Motors MyCar is pleased to introduce to their range of second-hand imports, the Toyota Prius.

Since entering the market late last year, the MyCar franchise has been positively received from our growing customers. MyCar vehicles’ zero defects, low mileage, warranty, back-up service and generally all-round good quality has ensured a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

The Toyota Prius, is a testament to what’s possible in meeting the demands of an increasingly environmentally conscious society. The Prius offers a more intelligent driving experience.

The brilliance of Prius goes beyond Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.  It’s also a technical showpiece of intelligent features that make you feel more comfortable, relaxed and ultimately drive with greater efficiency.

Like our other second-hand imports, MyCar’s offer of the Prius comes with the assurance of a vigilant selection process. Our Priuses are specially handpicked, so factors like the remaining life of the Prius battery is carefully considered during this selection process.

Furthermore, MyCar is backed up with Toyota quality service compounded with the added advantage of our technicians undergoing Toyota training for hybrid vehicles.

At MyCar, we can attest to a better Prius product, better quality offering and a better after-market support.

All this gives you the confidence and peace of mind when choosing a Prius from MyCar.

Visit an Asco Motors dealership today to find out about our MyCar Prius offerings.